About Us

The Facts

  • US rental housing is a $485 billion market.
  • There are currently 44 million renters in the US.
  • Renters outnumber home owners in every age bracket.

Our Vision

Matrix is a platform solution that creates ease and efficiency throughout the process of renting an apartment. Using our machine learning and direct connectivity, this end to end application is quicker, more complete and supports the applicant in gathering the necessary information such as assets, income and employment data, all via a single portal.

For Management Companies and Landlords:

In 2019, the cost of vacancy and turnover is at an all-time high. Receiving more complete applications up front and in a consistent format allows owners to save both time and money in the decisioning process.

For Prospective Renters:

The value of time and data security is of the utmost importance. Matrix allows prospective tenant to digitally complete an entire application to their selected building in under 30 minutes.

Our Team

Sipho Simela